KPF-Zeller reel stand and accessories

KPF-Zeller reel stand and accessories

The products from KPF-Zeller are designed and developed by Matthias Zeller.They are manufactured, assembled and packed by reliable employees.

All parts are manufactured on our own machines, which are located in our house.This is the only way we can offer you these low prices - we (and ultimately you) do not have to pay for external production.

Everything is Swabian handwork, we do not purchase any external products.(except for electronic components - the Far East can do that better)What we do is good. Rely on us.

Things have been circulating on the Internet for many years, which we hereby explain and clarify in a very honest way:

We will partly use the Easter days to finally show you concrete truths first-hand.

The former Mrs. Marion Zeller regularly stated at her trade fair appearances that KPF-Zeller has its products manufactured in China.

A video on this. Uncut and not artificially treated. Here you can see our production without any filters.

Made in Swabia. You please make up your own mind about who is honest with you.