Krois-Modell TT Analog Coupler TT-A

Krois-Modell TT Analog Coupler TT-A
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Product no.: TT-A
Manufacturer: Krois-Modell
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Products description

Our coupler works with magnetic force, no electric current is required. A permanent magnet inside the coupler uncouples the coupler of attached cars on predefined positions.

Assembly: Glue the two 3mm delivered permanent magnets on the top of each other between the rails of a piece of track. Please note that the polarity of the magnets must push the coupler up. The coupler itself can be mounted in every locomotive or car with a NEM 358 shaft or TT coupler pocket.

Suitable couplers: Krois TT Coupler

Scope of delivery: One coupler, one TT coupler without function and two 3mm permanent magnets for one uncoupler position in the track.

1 piece

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Krois-Modell TT Coupler without function

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